Rafael Eliassen was born January 17th, 1995 in Murmansk, Russia. He grew up in the North of Norway.


Rafael was an artistic, creative and expressive kid... He'd often be found talking to adults about their life problems and what they were doing to improve in their lives. This innate curiosity and care about other people is likely the seed that grew into the incredible level of impact Rafael has had with clients all over the globe since he began his career and business as a self-help speaker and Life Strategist at just 19 years old.


It didn't all come naturally, however. Because through his teens and even early adulthood, he struggled with social anxiety as well as severe depression. It is a well known fact that Rafael tried to commit suicide when he was 15, but thankfully his family was there to step in. 


Rafael Eliassen's transformation was a result of shifting his thinking, and this is exactly what led him to reaching over 100,000,000 people with his speeches, videos, written work, collaborations, podcasts etc. 


From dropping out of high-school and being a broke, anxious, overweight and miserable janitor...

To building multi-million dollar companies from scratch with his clients, conquering all his fears, getting into the shape of his life and living every single day as passionate and fulfilled. 


Rafael has been through a multidimensional transformation experience. But what he loves the very most, is helping others transform and grow. 



  • 19 MARCH 2014

    The Day It All Began...

    Back then Rafael was still a depressed, anxious and overweight janitor. But on this day everything changed... Simply because he made a decision to quit his bad habits and truly implement all the incredible things he was learning from self-improvement. 

    This is when Rafael began meditating, exercising and recording videos daily for a full year. 

  • 17 JANUARY 2015

    Living the Transformed Life

    At this stage, on Rafael's 20th birthday, he was already well on track with his life and career, with his business rapidly expanding and his motivational speeches beginning to gain traction. His life was already completely transformed, and it would never be the same again.

  • 22 JUNE 2017

    Fortune Favours the Bold

    Now with massive momentum in his life, relationships and business, Rafael had begun working with high-level entrepreneurs and clients. In some cases he got part ownership and stock in their businesses, and some of these powerful connections saw him make a huge impact in their lives, but it also vastly grew Rafael's knowledge, skills and abilities.

  • 1 FEBRUARY 2020

    Reflection and Further Growth

    Many times we have to take a step backwards in order to take multiple steps forwards. Rafael did exactly this, he slowed down his content production and some of the clients he was working with in order to do further deep inner work, and to plan a new approach for his impact going into the future. A lot of the work you are seeing from Rafael now came as a result of this decision.


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